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  • I have a wordpress install on my web host. Running just fine.

    I’d like to install WordPress locally on my Mac (10.5.8) and import or restore my web hosted DB to my local install. This way I can redesign my site locally and have the actual content, categories, etc. from the live site to work with.

    I’ve installed MAMP and installed WP locally, no problems. However, I tried to import my web hosted DB locally (using import in phpmyadmin) and it doesn’t work.

    Any ideas on how to get the remote db to load locally? Is that the best way to accomplish what I’m trying to do?


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  • whooami



    it doesn’t work isnt an accurate enough description for anyone to help you. can you spend a little more time explaining what exactly you are doing, what happens, what doesnt work, what messages you see,etc..

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