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  • Okay so I’ve deleted some stuff that I shouldn’t have.
    I’m an idiot.

    But I had backed up my website last week so I could restore.

    My question is… do I lose my last week’s worth of posts if I do – or will the backup just overwrite or add data?

    Sorry for the dumb question.

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  • Restoring the backup will put back in place exactly what was in the backup at the time, so if you did it last week, it only has the content up until that time. Restoring it will override anything you now have in place. If you do not want to lose the last week of posts [depending on how many you have] perhaps save them to text files and repost. When finished – backup the whole lot so you have it all.

    And there are NO ‘dumb’ questions ๐Ÿ™‚

    If you only deleted files, and nothing in your database, your posts will not be gone. Just restore the files, and you’ll probably be just fine.

    And stop deleting things, it’s bad for the environment! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Okay so taking what you say on board… what if I:

    1. backup posts & comments section of current database.

    2. restore old backup.

    3. restore newly created backup of posts and comments.

    What dโ€™ya reckon? That should workโ€ฆ right?


    No not really. You have 2 backups.

    The older one which I am assuming contains the bulk of your posts until a week ago?

    A newer one which will only contain the last 7 days posts?

    Whichever one you import back into your database, will be the one that is in place.

    So, I would:

    1. Manually copy the past 7 days post to a text files [with comments info]

    2. Restore old backup

    3. Copy/paste the last 7 days back into new posts [time stamped if necessary]

    4. Make a new backup

    The other option is to wait until some much more intelligent soul than me tells you how to add the posts/comments from the past 7 days via a database query.

    Well the bit of the database that I’ve stuffed up is wp-options… so can I just restore that bit do you think?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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