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    I restored from backup using the process here:

    All appeared to go well, I can see my posts are in the database (in the PHPMyadmin (I’m on bluehost, cpanel), BUT there’s no content in my site. The only post showing in the site is the default WordPress post for a new installation. Hello, World! 🙁

    How do I get my domain to “pull” the posts from the restored backup?

    I have read similar posts on this forum, but haven’t been able to find success. Is there a trick I’m missing? Thank you so much in advance! This is a business site with a lot of posts, and I was supposed to have this all taken care of during the Super Bowl! Phooey.

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    What was the reason for the restore? There may be additional steps required.

    1. moved to different server
    2. moved from one domain to another or from local install
    3. security cleanup

    Are the posts listed in the backend, but as drafts rather than published or do they not appear at all?

    No moving, no hull breach. Option 4, which you were kind enough not to mention: operator error. (me)

    I was trying out a bunch of themes rapidly behind the scenes with the Maintenance Mode plugin activated, and suddenly I was getting a blank page for the main domain and the wp-login and wp-admin urls.

    I tried a few things and inadvertantly f***ed up enough that I did a reinstall of WP, thinking I could use my backup.

    Posts are nowhere to be found in the admin of WP at all — only can see that they are in the SQL DB. Is there hope?

    No drafts, even, to answer specifically. Gosh, I wish I’d seen this when you posted two hours ago. For some reason it didn’t alert me until now, and it’s way past bedtime for a middle-aged broad like me! I’ll check back tomorrow — hope to hear something. Thanks! –Sandy

    Did you also have to re-install WP and in the same directory as before?
    Did you install the same WP-version that you had before?
    Apparently you can login?
    Are your categories still there?

    Yes, I had to reinstall WP — well, maybe I didn’t have to, maybe I did that too soon, but that’s what I did. Could not log in at all until after I did the reinstall of WP. Now I can.

    Yes, same version, 2.9.1, in same directory. I used Simple Scripts for that, from my host cpanel.

    Nope, no categories.

    It’s just such a mystery to me, to see that SQL database table all populated with my stuff, in the right place, and yet not have any of it show up in the site itself, either back end or front end.

    Any ideas? Thank you for trying! –Sandy

    Could be the wrong $table_prefix value in your wp-config.php file.

    In your MySQL database, if your posts table is called ‘wp123_posts’, then in your wp-config.php, $table_prefix should be equal to 'wp123_'.

    Thank you! I will look right now! Operating on very little sleep here, so I hope I can manage it.

    Nope. Posts table is called wp_posts, and in config file, the table prefix is just wp. Any other ideas?

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    If the posts can be seen in the db I’m sure you’ll be able to get everything back. When you say you can see your posts in the database do you mean you can actually see your content within the wp_posts table?

    Yes, when I open one up, all my words are there in the “long text” field. Thanks for the reassurance! I’m imagining copy/pasting every post back in — oh, wow, it isn’t the posts, it’s the pages that will be the big pain.

    Hey, is there not supposed to be a wp_pages in that DB like there’s a wp_posts? There’s not one!

    I figured it out. I’m hesitant to post publicly the silly mistake I made at 3 a.m.

    Thank you so much for your help!

    A solution is always nice so that volunteers (and others) know if they were of any help.

    And besides, no one will laugh at you 😉

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    Glad its up & working again. I agree with MichaelH – a hint at what went wrong and what you did to fix would be nice as others may find this thread searing for a solution to the same problem, so it may help them.

    And besides, no one will laugh at you 😉

    whatever the issue was I bet you weren’t the first to make the mistake and won’t be the last.

    I’m sorry! I restored to the wrong database. And when I kept checking it, I was looking again and again at the wrong database, seeing the posts, but not seeing them in the site. Dumb.

    I wish I knew how to easily tell which database went with which of my ten or so domains, when I’m viewing them in myphpadmin. Since you’ve been nice enough to follow up, may I trouble you with this question: is there some easy place to do this? Obviously the way I did it was *not* the right way.

    Thank you so much for your responsiveness! –Sandy

    And of course your answers were of help, now that I think of it, because if I hadn’t been looking around in those databases to check the wp_post tables, I wouldn’t have started to wonder if I was in the right one! So, yes, you were of help — I shouldn’t have acted like i figured it out all by myself!

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