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  • After having a problem with a plugin I had to restore my site from a backup and now my thumbnails from older posts are dead. Is there a way to fix this? Almost seems like they need to be refreshed or something.

    I made sure I chmod the upload directories and all new thumbnails are working but everything from my backup and earlier are not working.

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  • How did you do the restore? Specifically the database restore…and did you restore it in the exact same location as the original site?

    I did a manual restore. Removed db, removed data files. Uploaded the backup files, restored db in same database name.

    Sounds like it should work as long as you blog source code is in the same location, you uploaded the uploads directory in the same location, and you didn’t change anything else…permalinks, etc.

    You know what I just noticed. The thumbnails within the posts are working but the ones that I used to add as a thumbnail for the front page that are re-sized to a custom size are not. My theme has a built in slide show on the front page that also is not working.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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