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[Resolved] Restore WordPress Address (URL) Site is Down

  • David_1


    Hello Friends,

    On the following site http://www.gibsoncentre.com/

    The WordPress site was not appearing on the URL, http://www.gibsoncentre.com/

    One had to select the Home navigation button to get the site to show up as it should.
    Thinking that if I simply changed the ‘WordPress Address (URL)’ and the ‘Site Address (URL)’ fields from http://www.gibsoncentre.com/ to http://www.gibsoncentre.com/Home -the site would load fine.

    I logged in, and on the >General >>Settings page and at the top you have ‘WordPress Address (URL)’ which in this case was populated with: http://www.gibsoncentre.com

    – Below this is another field called: ‘Site Address (URL)’ It was also populated with the same: http://www.gibsoncentre.com

    I changed both of these fields to: http://www.gibsoncentre.com/Home

    Again my reasoning was that since the main site was only appearing on the URL: http://www.gibsoncentre.com/Home why not enter this and try it as a remedy to have the site load on its intended URL of http://www.gibsoncentre.com/

    As soon as I save the Changes I started to get errors. See below.

    Also the site is a mess.
    The Host server would not offer any support because I “touched something” as they put it.
    I do have access to the Hosting GUI panel which not a Cpanel per say. but I can access databases MySQL etc. etc.

    If anyone has any idea what I can do to fix this issue I would be extremely grate full and appreciative to hear from you.

    Thank you so very much in advance.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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