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  • Hallo.
    I accidently deleted one more Page than needed when I was “cleaning up” in the admin area. The good thing is that I made a backup on that day earlier. I noticed that one importand page is missing only today, and after the backup I added some news and changed settings…
    Is there a way I can restore only that page without restoring anything else?
    I tried to find WP page database in the files and in the mysql but I could not find out where does WP store its content files.

    Regards, Rebrain

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  • Are the questions being answered here at all???!!!
    This is already my second question left completely unanswered!

    you would have to find the row in the database table manually and re-add it to the current database.

    Are you familiar with phpMyAdmin ?

    Thats the only way I would know how to do it.

    Yes I have an idea about phpMyAdmin.
    But what table do I need to copy?(I need to restore a page)
    I looked at the database that was backed up with a notepad and did not find anything at all that could contain any post or page.




    why cant you just rewrite the post/page? whats the big deal?

    If you know the post/page is missing, then surely you must know a meaningful word that was inside it.

    As you discovered, MySQL backups are nothing but text files. Search your backup for the meaningful word — Theres your deleted post.

    Use copy and paste, and just recreate whatever is missing.

    If you cant find the content in the backup, no-one here can help you.

    My goodness you are rude Whooami!! The person asking the question is simply asking if they can import their found files, and not have to go through the trouble of editing his backup! What’s the big deal? It’s trying to save time, instead of waste time for goodness sakes!

    Rebrain, I am trying to do the same thing…

    I lost my posts fiddling with my WP instillation, and I had to restore from a backup. Did that fine, then found that I had some 10 or so posts missing – I’ve since found them, however they contain a lot of extras (moods, geopress and other such extra information) and I would really rather just copy/paste into phpmyadmin. The question I have, is where?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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