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    I’ve used Xcloner for quite some time and I am confused by the steps to restore in the current version.

    I am developing on MAMP and then want to deploy on the live domain. If I understand I must install WordPress on the target domain. Next I add the Xcloner plugin and begin the restore process.

    The first step of the process I must download the xcloner_restore.php script from within the plugin on the new site. I then move this .tgx file to the new site and expand. Now I can run the script.

    In the first step I validate the path to the restore script. OK.

    In the second step I skip and I upload the Xcloner archive. Even if there is an archive in the directory it does not see it. That’s why I must skip this step.

    In the third step I confirm the Restore Target Path and I also can now select the Xcloner archive. OK. I move to the next step.

    In the final step I config the MySQL data and select the database file to restore. There is no database file. It’s in the archive. What do I do?

    Thank you.

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  • I’ve made many attempts. I’ve used this so many times to move a site from MAMP to a live server that I can’t figure out what I’m missing. This was simpler when I could just move the backup archive to the live server and then add the restore scripts. No problems. That can’t be done anymore?

    In your third step, you should be able to select the backup archive to restore the files first(the Restore button near Skip), this unless you have expanded the backup archive manually and you see a ./xcloner-xxxx directory on the server, then you will be able to restore the database.

    Let me know if you still have issues.

    I’m having a number of issues. I purchased and setup a new domain on my hosting service just to do this testing. So I’m starting fresh. I start by uploading and installing WordPress 5.3.2. The latest. Then I upload and install Xcloner 4.1.3. Next I upload the Xcloner built backup file. Now I should be ready to run the Restore.

    Since I’m doing a remote Restore I go to Step 2. I attempt to download the restore script using the Firefox browser, latest version, and I get a warning that “This file is not commonly downloaded.” This is new. It hasn’t happend before. There’s more information and it says that the file may not be safe to open. But it downloads anyway and since I know the source I try to work with it.

    I move the .tgz file to my server and attempt to expand it and that fails with an “unexpected end of file” error. That’s the end of it.

    I tried to use a xcloner-restore.tgz file from yesterday and that no longer works because of the AUTH_KEY error.

    OK, got it working but still getting the warning on the xcloner_restore.tgz. I have screenshots if you’re interested?

    My issue was confusion over the Restore/Skip Next buttons. As you pointed out.

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    Feel free to post the warning message here, i have tested this in a clean firefox install and did not receive it here, could it be you have some third party extension that might trigger that?

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    We’ll close this now. Please open a new post if you need any more help.

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