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  • Resolved Marco Floriano


    Hi and thanks for this amazing plugin.

    Is it possible to restore from a backup (zip) file generated from an online site to my local wordpress installation?

    I have no internet connection on my local dev machine, but have the backup file generated from the WP Clone online site.

    Should i enter the local windows URL to the file? Or put the file on wp-uploads/wp-clone?


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  • OK solved this one!

    Use an URL like that to restore from a local directory:


    But pay attention to upper letters at the beginning of the directories, C:/Wamp or C:/Downloads wont work.

    Thank you Marco for sharing that. I will give that a try.

    Recently, a WordPress site I built for a friend was hi-jacked and hundreds of bogus non-site-related industrial postings (perhaps a criminal method of back-link building?) were burning up bandwidth.

    In attempting to delete them, I discovered my admin pass was changed (and it was 20 long with numbers, special characters, uppercase and lowercase letters). I went in through my cPanel and found that the single WP admin account was now buried in with literally thousands of others (from Russia, China, etcetera).

    And with no way to log-in, I deleted that WordPress account, knowing I’d made a CP Clone BACKUP ZIP file and downloaded it when I moved the site to another hosting service. But I had used the URL feature to put it at the newer location. And it worked great back then. Yet…

    In attempting to reinstall WordPress I found I had to first use FTP (Filezilla) to clean out remaining WP files left behind from my deleting of the site, before I could reinstall WordPress.

    Then the new WP installed correctly so that I could download and activate WP Clone.

    However, I had no URL to point to, as the old site was now gone. So, I thought I’d simply use the FTP program to put the older WP Clone zip file into the root directory, right-click and copy its new URL.

    Then I was finally able to use the WP Clone RESTORE feature … but to no avail. 🙁 “…error…”

    Now attempting to place the backup zip outside of the root folder into another site’s root folder and see if that will work. And also now double-checking for any unwanted caps in the URL too …

    Thx! I will endeavor to persevere.

    Darn. Same gut-twisting error message as attempts from other angles:

    “The plugin encountered an error while downloading the zip file,the following error message was returned:
    Error Message : A valid URL was not provided.”

    I even lowercased the “u” on users in the Downloads path:
    C:\users\Tim\Downloads\wpclone_backup_16th_Apr_2014_06-00AM_Jer_[portion removed for sharing on the internet due to unknown risks, as I’m more paranoid since the site was high-jacked recently leading me to this situation].zip

    Back to dreaming up other ways to try … maybe dumping contents in respective folders? … no … that would surely create a worse mess. Darn!



    @marco you just saved my bacon 🙂

    I’ve been fighting with this all day after moving a site’s hosting and then realising I did not have the WP Clone URL.

    The URL I used was

    Thank you SO much 🙂

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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