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  • Lawn Dude


    Great question, I came looking for the answer.
    Will it restore content in widgets.

    Did you find out how to restore from a Better WP Security backup yet?

    Lawn Dude


    No not yet, if this backup/restore service works easily and well I will not need to subscribe to another backup plugin.

    I don’t see where there is a restore backup facility within BWPS. I would expect that one would have to retrieve the backup file (from email attachment or from /wp-content/plugins/better-wp-security/backups) and manually restore via phpMyAdmin (or similar).

    Lawn Dude


    Thank you for responding, I was also wondering before I invest the time and money in more software if they were thinking of adding a restore feature in the near future, possibly even as a premium feature. Do management ever respond to these posts?
    Cheers, Happy St. Valentines Day

    My experience is ‘seldom’.



    Yes, they seldom. I think the plugin author is too busy coding and fixing bugs. That’s why we come here to help each others.

    So anyone know?
    I have the backup zip file. I cna’t restore it

    phpMyAdmin says
    MySQL said: Documentation
    #1046 – No database selected



    I think I know your problem. That kind of error usually happens if you’re trying to restore a database backup file without choosing a database.

    The correct steps to restore a backup database using phpMyAdmin:
    1. Login to your cPanel.
    2. Click phpMyAdmin.
    3. On the right panel, click the database you want to restore.
    4. You may need to delete all records or tables before import.
    5. On the menu (top) click Import.
    6. Click choose to browse the file.
    7. Click go to start the process.
    8. Done.

    The #1046 error will happen if you do not perform step no. 3.

    Sometimes, you may need to delete existing records even tables, that why you need step no. 4.

    Good luck.

    OK that worked now, thanks.
    My site is still dead tho, so I guess I didn’t expect it was a DB fault.



    My site is still dead tho, …

    Is there any error message?

    My site is still dead tho, so I guess I didn’t expect it was a DB fault.

    I assume you’ve fixed this as the post is quite old, but to anyone else that has killed their site, this might be useful:

    Did you change the database prefix using the Better WP Security plugin after creating the backup you are restoring?

    If so:

    Open the file called ‘wp-config.php’ which is located in the site root, and look for the bit called ‘$table_prefix =’. You need to change the prefix here to match the one from the backup, more than likely it will need to be changed to ‘wp_’ (the standard install prefix) and re-uploaded to the site.

    Otherwise, your site is trying to find a database that isn’t technically there anymore.

    At the same time, delete the file in the root called .htaccess. This is an important file, you can get WordPress to restore it once your back in by going to Settings>Permalinks and hitting Save again.



    Very useful! This forum need people like you, welcome to this forum. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    While changing the database prefix using the Better WP Security plugin things went wrong. I was redirected to the wordpress install.php page. I installed WP again.

    I then restored my backup. But only my home page is loading. For all other pages I get a Not Found error.

    In phpmyadmin I see that my tables have been duplicated. The original tables wp_ and the same tables with a new prefix created by the Better WP Security plugin.

    I have changed the table_prefix in the wp_config file to the new prefix and deleted the .htaccess as described by LingoSam. But that didn’t fix it.

    How can I fix this? Do I have to delete the duplicated tables?

    Thanks in advance!


    Site is up again.

    Changed Settings -> Permalinks from Post Name option to Default option. Then back to my custom settings. Uploaded htaccess.


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