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    Hi, I’m about to attempt to restore my old site since a recent update by WooCommerce did not turn out too well. I’ve check on the process and it seems I need to extract and copy the backup files to the original location via FTP. For the SQL file, do I just need to import that via PHPmyAdmin? Do I need to leave the old DB in place, but delete the old tables, or leave the tables but empty them?


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  • Hi what version of the plugin are you running?

    BackWPup version3.0.6

    I did read that for earlier versions you had to create a new WP install, add the plugin and run a “update SQL” (or something) link in the BackWPup menu, but that’s not available in this version.


    Hello have a read at this tutorial. It explains the difference between the old version and the new version.

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    Thanks. Those instructions seem to say that I only need to copy over the files. Do I not need to do the DB then? There is a section “How to Restore only the Database” so was not sure if I should do this if I want to restore the whole site. It’s not 100$ clear. I’m also still not sure if I need to remove either the DB tables, empty them or just leave them with the old data.

    Thanks for your help so far 🙂

    Hello did you read the whole tutorial? That tutorial shows you how to restore the whole website and also how to restore only the database using the old plugin 2.1.17.

    Then for the database it has also explained that for the latest version 3.0.6 you need to import your database into your server using phpMyAdmin tool or something similar. Then it points to another tutorial that teaches you how to import using phpMyAdmin tool. Can you let me know where in that tutorial was not clear so that I can improve it.

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    Reading your instructions on Restore it explains that you extract the backup files, copy to the same path and then you say “Voila the site was up and running in a few minutes.”. But at this point you have not mentioned the SQL import. Only then do you mention the Database under a heading “How to Restore only the Database”. So in the first part it sounds like you don’t need to import the data base and that the second part is only needed if you just want to restore the database, not the whole site. It may be better if the restore process is organized so that both steps are listed as required. EG, Step 1 – File restore, Step 2 – Database restore. (I see from the other tutorial that you do need to drop the tables, so will do this for my restore).

    I do appreciate your efforts in creating these guides. I think they are invaluable to people like me who are learning this. I hope you find my feedback useful and thanks again for your help.


    Thank you GlynnH, I have modified the post as per your suggestion. It makes more sense now 🙂

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    Great, I’ll let you know how the restore goes.. 🙂

    Well, restore went OK. Some of the plugins were missing. I guess I didn’t include them in the original backup for some reason.

    Anyway, thanks for your help 🙂

    You are most welcome GlynnH 🙂

    Has your question been answered? If it has and you are happy with the outcome would you be able to close this thread as resolved.

    Kind regards

    Thanks. I will close the thread as resolved.

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