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    I started off on the wrong foot. First a single site WP installation in a subdirectory called “wordpress” years ago.

    Then Multisite a few months ago.

    Then I moved the whole installation to public-html root.

    Then I deleted 2 sub-domains and could not re-use them. (by mistake)

    From bad to worse but ..

    To fix the problem, I deleted everything from public-html and reinstalled. Clean root and no sub-directories.

    But I could not re-use the deleted sub-domains. My sub-domain numbers in mysql now start with 10, 11, 12 and so on.

      Where would any record have been kept, if not in mysql. I deleted all mysql data bases and reinstalled with a different name.

      Where is mysql 1 and 2 stored.

      Why cant I re-use a sub-domain name after a clear re-install.

      Is is practical (and will it work)to ask my SP to delete the whole apache installation and let me start again on the right multisite basis, or is there another file I can delete of reconfigure?

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  • It sounds like you didn’t delete the database.

    Thank you Ipstenu, I think I must just delete the lot and start again, now a little wiser before I have too many sub-domains and admin to worry about.

    Since I will clean out the public-html director altogether, I think I should be able to delete the mysql files and all their records.

    Hi Ipstenu,

    This is what seemed to be my problem. Correct me if I am wrong anywhere.

    Removing WordPress (originally installed with Fanstistico) to do a clean reinstall in root directory public-html. (after backing up)

    1. I deleted all the subdomains.

    2. I deleted all the folders in public_html

    3. In root directory .cpanel/datastore I found the file named “installed_in_root.php”. I deleted the line “$installed_in_root[“domainname”] = 1 ;”

    4. I delete the file <domainname|> in .fantasticodata

    I deleted the Mysql data base relating to the WP.

    Then I reinstalled WordPress.

    My main problem was numbers 3 and 4. I am using Fantastico.

    I must share this as well. After reloading my primary site, the permalinks didn’t work. [running multisite 4.3.2]

    Courtesy of advice from another WP member, I reset the permalinks to “default” and all my links were restored like magic.

    I hope this has been a help to my fellow struggling programmingly challenged forum friends. It’s hard for us to admit how little we know.

    We don’t recommend using Fantastico for Multisite. Just a pain.

    Make sure you updated your .htaccess.

    Thanks Ipstenu.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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