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  • Hello,
    We had to switch to a different server…unfortunately we switched the URL to the new server before doing a backup using the backup plug-in. We still have access to the ool server, so I was wondering has anyone had success just copying over the files from one server to another without using phpmyadmin? Can I just copy using WS-FTP all the files in my wordpress folder from one to the other, and make sure the database info is correct and it’ll just work?


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  • In the WP files you don’t have any information: all your content (posts, Pages, comments, settings) are in the database.
    If you don’t make a backup/copy of your database – you don’t have anything.
    Is the new server with the same hosting company or a new one? I am afraid the old host will not allow to access their database from outside. Most host don’t.

    I have it on a dedicated server. I can ftp-(i can WS-FTP) and copy the datagases right from the server onto my hard drive…however when I
    paste them into the new server (same ISP, just new more up to date server) it shows the design of nthe oage, but none of the posts. What’s interesting is the first time I dis this (we have over 65 sites) everything worked fine…but since then it doesnt work so well.

    I have the ability to copy the entire site and databse…but I installed WP on the new server sites and thought if I just pasted in the old database (using the same DB name and passowrd,) all would work…

    any ideas what we are doing wrong?


    To be honest I have no experience with dedicated servers.
    And I don’t know how the database via FTP works either. I always dealt with my DB through a DB admin interface like phpMyadmin, never via FTP.
    So, I am afraid my ability to offer help – ends here. Hopefully someone else will jump in to offer a more valuable advice.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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