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    Identifier BMI-REvclC8N-97566 Trying to migrate from a subdomain to the root. I installed a new WordPress, installed the plugin but the restore stops before it gets started really. I have two urls for backups that the backup bliss generated. Neither work. I have my server people seeing if the directory is somehow blocked? The backup was created successfully – but again no joy on the restore / migration. attached is your log file. I will try recreating the backup again and see if that works while I wait to hear from you.

    Two URLS (copied using your links / info generated by the plugin):


    Ive tried both? not sure why they are different, one was generated right away so I copied / pasted, they other I went back in and got from the paperclip – again it said copied and I pasted it – they are different?

    [STEP] [2024-04-09 16:40:54] Initializing restore process
    [WARN] [2024-04-09 16:40:54] PHP CLI is disabled manually, plugin will omit all PHP CLI steps.
    [INFO] [2024-04-09 16:40:54] Backup & Migration version: 1.4.5
    [INFO] [2024-04-09 16:40:54] Creating lock file
    [STEP] [2024-04-09 16:40:54] Initializing download process
    [SUCCESS] [2024-04-09 16:40:54] Downloading initialized
    [STEP] [2024-04-09 16:40:54] Downloading remote file…
    [INFO] [2024-04-09 16:40:54] Used URL: *.zip&sk=rQhF1c24SnJYbTK0
    [INFO] [2024-04-09 16:40:54] Unlocking migration
    [SUCCESS] [2024-04-09 16:40:54] Download completed (took: 0.08333420753479s)
    [STEP] [2024-04-09 16:40:54] Looking for backup manifest
    [ERROR] [2024-04-09 16:40:54] Manifest file does not exist
    [ERROR] [2024-04-09 16:40:54] Downloaded backup may be incomplete (missing manifest)
    [ERROR] [2024-04-09 16:40:54] …or provided URL is not a direct download of ZIP file.
    [ERROR] [2024-04-09 16:40:54] Removing downloaded file
    [END-CODE] [2024-04-09 16:40:54] #002

    [DOWNLOAD GENERATED] File downloaded on (server time): 2024-04-09 16:41:08
    [DOWNLOAD GENERATED] Last update (seconds): 14 seconds ago
    [DOWNLOAD GENERATED] Last update (date): 2024-04-09 16:40:54

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Hello @thetechpros ,

    Please download the backup file on your local machine and inspect it: it should contain the manifest .json file. If it does, it is most like a valid backup file. Upload it to the destination site manually (through “Manage & Restore backups” plugin screen), and commence the Restoration.

    if the manifest file is missing inside the backup file, then please provide a debug code from the website where the backup was created:

    Please navigate to the plugin section Troubleshooting > Check advanced options and click on the button:
    Share debug info with BackupBliss team

    And here’s a screenshot that shows where to get it: https://prnt.sc/lKbjrSAqQudm

    Please paste the debug code in your reply.

    Kind regards

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    thanks I was able to download the package from inside cPanel and make the migration go through – I didn’t like the url given when the backup created. Not sure why. all set.

    Plugin Support MixHa


    Thank you for sharing the solution and letting us know that it worked out for you. Feel free to open a new thread if you face any new issues. And if you like the plugin, please consider rating it. 🙂

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