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  • Trying to create a great site for a restaurant but want it needs something… it’s looking a little “amateur” maybe? how can i make it more dynamic?

    advice plz? 🙂


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  • Hi wbjtk,

    I’d probably start out by replacing all the low-quality images with professional ones. Images with proper lighting and nicer colours. A pro photographer should be affordable even for a small shop, and usually it pays off.

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    definitely something i’ve recommended to the business owner. great advice, thanks. anyone with any pointers on the rest of the design? thanks in advance

    I think that has come on well so far. I agree the photos would not draw me in. And I really hate the standard fonts, I guess a better more stylish but easily readable font would help.
    BTW where do you get the changing Header, I like that 🙂

    thanks tassie

    the slider is “easing slider” plugin… have fun! =)

    Great job so far. Here’s some things I noticed:
    – The top logo when the site intially loads is slightly off centre
    – The top images run off the sid of the site pages
    – This is just personal preferrence, but I dont inlcude the admin login link right on the main page like that. I think it’s something that should be hidden. In fact, I use the Stealh Login plugin to do exactly that. Just some extra security.

    thanks everyone. i am happy with it now thanks

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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