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  • ctingom


    Hi, I run a restaurant review web site and am interested in expanding my site to include things like:

    * Search by city, food type, price, rating

    * Customer ratings (I’ve seen a plugin for this)

    I’m curious to know:

    * About any plugins that might help me

    * To see other restaurant review sites driven by WP. I’m a huge WP fan so really hope there’s something out there.


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  • Ive thought about things like this before.
    Its easy, but not that easy, if that makes sense.

    One way to do it, is if you have everything split into categories. Like under food “euro, asian, american, etc”

    Then just click on the archives for that section and it will reveall all the posts in that cateogory. The problem is that it wont refine your posts. There may be a way to do it using some new code, but I havnet figured out or even tried to do it.



    One plugin you might be interested in is Structured Blogging. Right now, it’s setup for product reviews and events, with ratings next to each. But if you are handy with PHP I’m sure you could customize it further.




    You could also eschew categories in favor of tags, using something like Bunny’s Tags, Ultimate Tag Warrior, or some other tagging plugin.

    Wow, great feedback guys. I hadn’t heard of Structured Blogging so I’m going to see if that’s good for this project.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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