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  • Plugin Author John Eckman


    Thinking about restarting development on this project, which had stalled.

    Are there folks here willing to help?

    What I need is someone to capture and share the header exchange between your browser and google as you try to login to Google+ – for each language/domain.

    I can see the whole exchange for, but it seems to be different for for example – likely due to different cookie laws.

    In any case, the plugin will always have two restrictions:

    1. It will require storing your Google+ username and password in the WordPress settings database.
    2. It will require you to NOT be using “2 factor authentication”

    Doing this involves using something like Firefox with the Live HTTP Headers extension and (preferably) User-Agent Switcher.

    Setting the user agent to a mobile device, then going through the whole process of logging in to gplus and posting, capturing headers exchanged along the way.

    I can presumably get basic posting working in the US version again, but until Google offers a true read/write API for Google+ all we can do is impersonate a mobile user – not very elegant, and only supports whatever G+ supports for that client.

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