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  • Hi,
    I have built a WP multisite some years ago. I use wordpress-mu-domain-mapping for domain mapping.

    I had to fork this plugin to keep it compatible with my version of PHP.

    I moved to SSL recently with the plugin Really Simple SSL.

    Moreover, I am experiencing strange problems ( the home page of main site changes theme randomly at every hard-reload … yes … that’s insane …)

    Here is my question :
    Today, it is possible to get domain mapping without plugin.
    How can I rebuild a fresh new multisite install and migrate my sub-sites to it ?
    Is it much work ?

    Thanks !

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  • Since WordPress 4.5 domain mapping has been built in, so you shouldn’t need an additional plugin. You can see how to do this here:

    WordPress Multisite Domain Mapping

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    Thanks Jacob, but as I said I know it is possible to do Domain Mapping without plugin. But, I read somewhere that it needs to be done on a fresh install which suggest it is not possible or easy to turn your plugin based domain mapping network into a no plugin domain mapping network.

    Can anybody confirm that ?

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    in fact, I did it. Simple.

    1°) Deactivate WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin
    2°) remove sunrise.php file
    3°) Correct url of all sites :
    In /wp-admin/network/sites.php for every site :
    modify < correct url
    i also added to my wp-config.php file :
    define('COOKIE_DOMAIN', $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] );

    And it works.
    I hope this will help those who had the same problem !
    Cheers !

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    i am also facing same problem, when open with domain its giving 404 error

    but its working fine with subdomain

    for example is working fine but when i change the url to it start giving 404 error. how can i resolve this.

    Please help, thanks in advance

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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