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  • Hi guys!
    Thanks for a great plugin it saved me a lot of hassle.

    Just a quick question about functionality.
    Right now I got 2 groups of shipping:
    – Europe, excluding UK (I had to go to Wikipedia to dig out the list of all European countries since there is no ‘continent’ option ;))
    – UK
    I want to add the last group of countries which is basically rest of world (excluding Europe). If I leave this group blank will it apply automatically to all countries that were not listed in any groups?


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  • I did the following, and it took me 5 minutes only.
    When you add a country, click on its name to add it to your group. By doing this, the country is now removed from the main list. Thanks to this dynamic behavior (removing from the list all country selected), clicking the first country on the list will help you to add all countries in the group in less than 5 minutes. If you don’t understand, try it, you will see what I mean.
    Then, find the EU members in the group, click on the cross to remove them from the world group, and you are done.

    I’m not understanding what you’re saying PozHonks. I’m having the same problem and can’t figure out what I need to do. I want to have prices for the US and then prices for the rest of the world. Is this possible without having to click every single country other than US?

    Plugin Author Andy_P


    I would really think twice before allowing shipping to any country in the world. I would be afraid of scams, especially when using paypal. Basically the bad guys use stolen card, you ship the goods then paypal gets info from credit card companies that the transaction is disapproved and takes the money off your credit card associated with paypal account. End of story, no appeal, no discussions.

    There are countries that have higher rate of such crime and thus it would be safer to use bank transfer for them, as it cannot be taken away from you once sent.



    First off – thanks for a great plugin. I am with the OPs on this. This is a great plugin but selecting the countries is a hack. Under some circumstances, removing would a lot easier/faster.

    I also tried PozHonka’s solution, and it didn’t work.

    e.g. after choosing Albania for Country group 2, it is still available in the list for country group 3.

    I can cope with selecting each of the European countries, but to then have to select all the other countries is a long long chore.

    I very much want to switch to Woocommerce, but this is the biggest stumbling block. Currently I am using cubecart, and the system there is to add the country ISO codes, separated by a comma.

    This makes it very easy and quick to add e.g. UK as zone 1, Europe as zone 2 and rest of world as zone 3.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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