• Resolved Vovi


    I have created a user role called win_admin that is an amalgamation of several other roles including editor and shop manager.

    Thee were unable to see the Redirection option in their Tools menu so added the following which has made it appear:

    add_filter( 'redirection_role', function( $role ) {
      return 'win_admin';  
    } );

    Unfortunately they see errors on the option page:

    Something went wrong 🙁
    Sorry, you are not allowed to do that. (rest_forbidden)


    I have disabled security plugins in case they are blocking API calls but that hasn’t helped.

    Is there something else I need to do to give them access to the plugin?

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  • Plugin Author John Godley


    I couldn’t say if you need to do anything else. The capability check is a standard capability check. Is it possible that your code is running too late, and the check happens before?

    Thread Starter Vovi


    Hi John,

    So you are saying it *should* work?

    Have you ever tested giving access to another role and got it working?

    Plugin Author John Godley


    Yes, of course it has been tested. I know other users are running custom role setups.

    Thread Starter Vovi


    ok, thanks. Another wasted morning then.

    What a pain.

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