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    At first I tried using Skeleton Theme by SimpleThemes. But when I tried it on a touch device (unfortunately after investing a lot of work in the CSS on the child theme), I discovered that the Superfish menus act like their Javascript isn’t running – the symptom is that simply tapping a menu item that has a submenu will request the parent item’s page, rather than canceling that action so that the user can peruse the submenu. I decided it was probably a bug in the theme, and I was having some other troubles with that theme, so I looked around for something more robust, preferably built “mobile first”. I found the Bones theme template and installed it. But on narrow viewports when the menu is styled vertically, the whole menu is visible all the time – it would seem that something (Javascript?) is supposed to hide it after loading but doesn’t.

    So I have two themes that “act” like some Javascript isn’t running that would be necessary for responsive design. I say “act” in quotes because I haven’t found my way through the labyrith of files in either one to determine for sure that those expected actions are done by JS when working properly, but it sure smells like a JS problem. No, there are no runtime errors. Is there something in WordPress that turns off theme-based JS execution or something? Viewing source in the browser I see script tags calling superfish.js (Skeleton) and modernizr.custom.min.js (Bones), but surely I don’t have to troubleshoot JS code I didn’t write just to use a theme… Any thoughts?

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  • Is there something in WordPress that turns off theme-based JS execution or something?

    No – not in WordPress itself. Have you tried



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    EDIT – cross-posted with esmi…

    Those do sound like JS problems. Have you deactivated ALL plugins that might be causing a conflict? Have you asked the developers of those themes?

    Neither of those themes is supported on these forums – we only support themes from here:

    There are certainly many great responsive themes that DO work well on all devices so you may want to find a new one that’s not troublesome.

    Experimenting with Responsive now – lots of features, and so far it seems to work as advertised. Thanks for the recommendation, Esmi, and the “second to the motion”, WPyogi – next time I’ll stay away from Google and search inside WP first!

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