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  • Hi there!

    I’m setting up WP for the first time for the (re)launch of my website. I want to use a responsive (premium) theme, but really need a 300×250 (3rd party) ad in the right side bar on every page. Adsense for example.

    Almost every theme author I contacted with the question if that would work, replied with problems on that matter. As I’m not a coder or very technical, the following reaction is the most clear to me:

    The code from most of the 3rd party ad services doesn’t scale and resize because it is served as separate content in an iframe container. The theme can adjust the size of the iframe, but it doesn’t control what happens inside of the frame. So, unfortunately, I don’t really have a good solution for making that type of ad work within Hybrid. Responsive web design has exploded in recent months, so I’m sure the ad services will offer some type of solution soon (they are already exploring options, but I don’t know of a good way to handle that scenario right now.

    So if I understand correctly: there is no way to use a responsive theme combined with a 300×250 (Adsense) ad in the right side bar without ‘scaling’ when using a mobile device?

    If so: will a non-responsive theme combined with WPTouch be a good alternative?

    Thanks in advance!


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  • dhanie,

    Try this out:

    1.) Use a 2-column theme that presents itself as 2-column on a tablet
    BUT, reduces to a 1-column on a smart phone (try Twenty-Eleven.

    2. Instead on placing an Ad Banner in your sidebar, right-click the banner and save as an image.

    3. Upload the image to a Post, or possibly Sidebar.

    4. Place an affiliated link somewhere near, or next to your image.

    5. The idea is to use a standard JPEG image, instead of an iframe
    container, and let your responsive theme rescale the Image on a
    Mobile device.

    6. The problem with this is that the width will be scaled properly,
    but not necessarily height.

    7. This should also bypass AdBlocker addons in browsers.

    8. I’ve tried it here: Toolbox-4-Websites .


    This is a followup to my last comment. The above link is to my Homepage which now has newer Content.

    Here’s a new link to my February 19th Post which used an Image instead of a Banner:

    Genesis: A Step Ahead of The Other Premium WP Frameworks?

    Hi there Shapeshifter, thanks for your reply! I think that won’t work on adsense, because of the textual based ads.

    I already picked a non responsive theme, and will ad WPTouch in Q2. Fits my needs right now. Thanks again!

    With sidebar advertising so widespread (not just adsense but even all those 125x125s) and responsive layout taking off, I’m guessing there are many smart people working on solutions to this problem. Anyone know of any good resources out there — blog posts with ideas or whatever??

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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