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  • I am runing the Responsive theme and wat to create a mega-footer using colophon widget but need to hide/remove default footer to avoid duplicate footer inforamtion like copyright etc.
    olease help, Thanks Allan

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  • If the Page Template in use contains get_footer, then it is calling the file footer.php…so edit that…to your liking…

    Thanks but I am new and can’t get it to work. I added custom css to home page to ‘not” show footer and activated the colophon widget but it doesn’t show up. I think the code given to me turns the footer off completely. i just want to replace default footer with the colophon widget footer. Im trying to contact theme support but nothing yet..
    my head hurts! lol

    I am also new to WP and want to change the copyright info from the default name of the site to my name as designer/developer? I don’t know PHP, CSS or child theme… is there a specific step by step for beginners?

    Best place for help with Responsive is here:

    Free Forum ( Limited Support for Non-Plus Members )

    I’ve already created the site and removed the “Powered by WordPress” but now just need to change the Copyright bug to my name, not the default of my clients name?? I’ve been searching and reading the support/forums for days to find the exact answer. this should not be this hard to change something that everyone wants to change!?



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    Do not edit the theme itself. First create a child theme for your changes. Or install a custom CSS plugin.

    Then post in the forum that WPyogi mentioned above.

    Thanks, I’ve created a child theme (that took way toooo long to find the correct answer to this simple question. ) and ready to edit PHP? Sounds scary, how do I do that as a beginner without messing up the site, do I do a backup 1st, if so how?

    Cyberchimp has no answers for this unless you upgrade to pro or pay for support. How lame! This simple change should have builtin functionality and not make everyone change code to do such simple edits. Responsive looks easy until you try to customize it.

    Does this not work?

    Footer Options

    No, this does not describe the Responsive Theme (free) edit features. Would be great if it did, that’s how easy it should be. But there is no >Design option as described here:

    “To access the Footer Options, in your WordPress Administration Panels go to Appearance > Theme Options > Design > Footer Options.

    Footer Options

    Footer Widgets – On/Off default is On.
    Footer Copyright Text – Here you can insert your copyright text. Default is your site’s name.
    Click “Save Options” when done.”

    Am I missing something??

    It looks like the easiest solution is the child-theme. Copy the footer.php file from the parent themes folder, and paste it into the child theme folder, and make the edits there. WordPress will use your footer.php from the child theme, overwriting the parents file.
    If you would like, I can happily do it for you, just send me an email to [ redacted, support is offered via the forums and not email ]

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    Cross posted! *Waves to WPyogi* Tempted to yell out JINX! 😉

    ok, sorry.

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