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  • This theme went from top of the heap, to not so good in the blink of an eye.

    They constantly change the way things work every other update, which sucks because it’s usually on the PHP level. So if you’re a child-theme maker, they’ve probably broken something. And what happens when you ask them about the changes? You’re redirected to their crappy forums (seriously…who created that searching system?) to ask your question that may never get answered.

    And then if you can walk (READ: not take off into the sunset) your way around PHP, you then find out that they’ve set some type of recursive PHP function traps somewhere within the functions. Ask them what they changed and they will say nothing, although clearly something has. And when you try to dive deeper into an answer, you’re met with “…customizations are beyond the scope and resources of these support forums…”.

    They make it so you need to buy their pro support or the pro theme. Why not just get rid of the free theme and charge if you’re not going to have any thorough documentation.

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  • I’ve been using this theme on several sites with child themes for a couple of years and I’ve had no problems with anything PHP related or otherwise.

    If you’re going to be customizing using a child theme, it seems like one of the basics you would need to understand and be able to do on your own is compare files. Not sure why anyone would blame someone else for their own customizations. When WordPress changes something in the core, and it affects your customizations, would you blame WordPress because you do not know how to fix your own work?

    I think you’ve completely missed my point with your retort. When WordPress changes something, they (more often than not) inform you of any major core changes.

    However when the Responsive team changes something, they don’t list clearly what they have changed or where the change occurred. And when I ask “Hey, “X” is not work correctly. Would you happen to know what was changed before I dive in with a hammer?” and they respond with “Nothing was changed”, then yes I have a right to my opinion (as praising or as harsh as it may be) when I find that to be clearly false WHEN I do in fact compare files and see the inaccuracies in their response.

    And for a theme that calls itself a framework (wording used in the actual description), I do in fact expect a better response than “Nothing has changed” when something clearly has and I have clients blowing up my phone asking “What happened to “X” on my site?”

    So it has nothing to do with the work I perform in my child themes as I do understand their framework when I make a change. And I’m pretty sure there’s a very very very small number of people who use the theme vanilla, a group I’m not apart of. The point of my using child themes in the first place.

    But I do thank you for your response to my review, as it allowed me to further clarify something that I guess was a foggy point in my initial thoughts.



    I have never had a problem with my child themes after updates either.

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