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Responsive theme

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  • Plugin Author AntoineH


    Just a responsive theme is not enough, unfortunately. The plugin still has some really old html (matches table, prediction form) that cannot be easily made responsive.

    I am working on a new layout that should be ready for responsive themes. But this will take a while to complete. I am fairly new to the whole responsive technique and not a css/html guru.

    Sounds good. In January/February I’m going to make a theme for the WC so I’ll be having a look at the plugin by then as well.

    Ow, btw, for people who made there own layout based on the current plugin, will their theme be broken?

    Plugin Author AntoineH


    If the changes to the css are made in the css of the plugin, then these changes will be overwritten on an update. That is how the updates in WordPress work.

    But if the changes are made in the theme’s css, then most probably the theme will still work. I have not yet decided on how to implement the changes, but my first thoughts are that it’s going to be an option to change to the new layout, whilst keeping the old layout also available and set as default for updated installs. So fully backwards compatible.

    I am trying to include football pool in my Template … i am beginner in php, it is hard for me… but the website looks like someting now. http://www.tyknauspro.fr

    Plugin Author AntoineH


    Really nice. I like the style.

    I’m working myself on making the CSS responsive. I’d be happy to work you with Antoine, looks like there’s a demand for this. I’m no expert myself but I understand what needs to be done / how responsive styling works.


    Plugin Author AntoineH


    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the offer. I am working on the responsive layout and it’s getting somewhere. But it is not yet finished and I’m not sure if I am going in the right direction. I’m using two different grid layouts, one for mobile and one for tablet and desktop (the HTML for the new layout will change).

    If you contact me on my email address (wordpressfootballpool [at] gmail [dot] com) maybe you can share some of your ideas. I can send you an “in progress” version to show you how far I got.

    Portal WordPress Theme by mythemeshop is a good responsive theme, but maybe the code in the theme would help. its a free theme so you could test it

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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