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  1. ktnuwan
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi All,

    I'm new to the wordpress and find it bit hard to understand the css (child, parents). If you can please help me on my issue.

    I have install Responsive theme and edit it accrodingly (basic steps). Now I have problem with the search box.

    The search box dosent appered to be white colour as before, insted it is gray as background colour... I want this to be change back to the default serach box setup.

    I would also Like insted of GO next to the serch box a magnify glass icon (serch icon) I dont know how to enter.

    Please colud you help me on this? Sorry for any grammer or speling mistakes as I not so good at puting my thoughts in correct format..



    I can provide you screenshot of the site or code, but dont know how to upload it to the forum.

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