• Without touching anything, the responsive slideshows have shrunk.

    I did have a message that the key had expired, so I updated that, but no change.

    How should I go about getting the size back?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • actually, it appears all the images are now importing rather small from the MLS

    I also just discovered the cron isn’t running.
    I’m tempted to manually run the import, but I’ll wait on your feedback.

    Plugin Contributor MariaKravchenko



    Regarding image size, you need to contact your MLS provider. Schedules are set up to pull the biggest images.

    Regarding cron, I need a few days to investigate the issue. I will update you.




    any update? I really need to run the import, maybe we’ll see the image sizes are fine.
    I’m waiting to run them manually until I hear from you.

    Plugin Contributor MariaKravchenko


    Yes, just wanted to post an update. On my test sites cron working correctly. There may be some conflict on your site with third-party plugins. You could set up cron on your server using this cron command – https://screencast.com/t/hFerBO8q

    Let me know if you need help on that. We could also investigate an issue with default cron on your site.

    the cron is lower on my list of concerns…
    I emailed this to you last week, but the MLS provider says as the pull is set, it is only getting teh 300×225 images.

    In order to get the full size images, the full http request would look like:


    Location=1 is the key item here for images. How would this get included?

    Plugin Contributor MariaKravchenko


    It always better to speak directly to MLS support, but could you explain that importer downloading images to your site. It seems Location=1 is for a situation when images are linking to MLS CDN.

    In any case, want to remind that rets.ci service is our innovative and modern solution to work with MLS providers and import properties to your site in real time, which has a lot of advantages behind the wp-property-importer.

    Rets.ci is able to resolve an issue with images which you have right now.

    I’m aware of the rets.ci service, my client does not want to pay that fee on top of their MLS fee.

    This is the whole email response I got from them:
    If you are having difficulty accessing high-resolution photos, the most likely explanation is that the RETS requests are being made for direct downloads rather than for photo URLs. If a RETS GetObject request includes the parameter Location=0 or doesn’t include that Location parameter at all, it will return photo files directly, with a maximum size of 300×225. If the request includes Location=1, it will return photo URLs instead, with size matching the original photos placed in Flexmls.

    A full http request would look like:

    Plugin Contributor MariaKravchenko


    Yes, so they just confirmed what I have said. In other words, importer can’t import high-resolution photos in the case with this MLS provider.

    Oh, well my client will be thrilled they spent the money to have you set this setup.

    Wouldn’t confirming the import does more than bring in thumbnail-ish sized images be something one might look at?

    Plugin Contributor MariaKravchenko


    I understand your disappointment, but in the case with FlexMLS provider and wp-property importer images will be 300×225

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