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  • Hi,
    Love the theme, but the layout on android phones does not ‘degrade’ to responsive phone layout. It looks great when you test within the ‘Customize’ function, but does not work on an actual phone.

    How can I fix this?

    HELP. About to do a big launch…

    Thank you.

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  • Theme Author Chris Reynolds


    The theme makes use of the industry standard of using screen breakpoints to adjust the sizing of elements. It’s possible that there is custom CSS that is overriding these breakpoints or that your phone’s resolution is in between two different breakpoints. It’s also possible that, for whatever reason, your device does not communicate the screen size to the server, so the breakpoints are never triggered.

    Whatever the issue, is not resolving, so I’m unable to see to know for sure what the issue may be. When the site is up, you can verify whether the responsive styles are working by resizing the width of the site on a desktop browser and/or by trying to load the site on a different mobile device.

    If there is legitimately an issue with the responsive styles, the solution would be adding your own custom CSS to add new breakpoints or, barring that, forking the theme and using a browser detection library to add custom CSS for specific types of phones. This is an extreme case and shouldn’t be necessary, but I’m also unsure why the site would not be responsive on your phone if you aren’t using custom CSS.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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