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  • Greetings and first congratulations on an excellent plugin – I have followed your progress and have been playing around with Elementor since the early versions.

    Somewhere along the release schedule I have noticed an issue with regard to the way you output responsive alterations to various elements. Some are triggered at max-width 1024px, others are max-width 1023px which causes rather big headaches and the inability to get things to display correctly – which is a major selling point for elementor.

    A simple example of this would be 2 columns – text on the left (justified left), single button on the right (justified right). If I go to the tablet view, I can change the alignment to center for both. Perfect. However the text isn’t centered until 1023 and the button is at 1024 causing display issues. I’m not sure why or how there are 2 media outputs at a 1px difference and unfortunately it’s causing major layout issues.

    Is there a way to either set our own break points, or a way to alter the default output? Or better yet, to get this fixed up?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Finally, tablet view at portrait is very limiting – we really really to have a landscape option also (I thought we had that once?) – plus not to mention the editor view is portrait, yet it’s settings are actually for landscape – everything seems wrong šŸ™‚

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