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    I am having an issue with the new child theme I created. I have responsive theme version and would like to update. The only thing I have in the child theme is the child style.css and my customized front-page.php. I only have a few changes to the front-page.php that need to be maintained. Currently my changes are present in the parent theme, because I directly edited it (this is why I am creating a child theme because I don’t want to lose my changes when I update). Anyway, before I update responsive theme I want to make sure my child is displaying properly, and so far it is not! When I activate the child theme, Home 1 widget doesn’t show and the others are moved around and content changed. I don’t understand what is happening.

    my site is … I reverted back to the working parent theme though because the child theme doesn’t display correctly.

    I tried adding the @import url(..’responsive/core/css/style.css’); line as suggested in another thread and it didn’t make a difference. Any other ideas!?? need help :/

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  • Hi Callab,

    We cannot really help you out without seeing the “problem”… so feel free to activate your child and then post here so that we can have a look… ok?


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    As per the theme developer’s request, please post in their dedicated forum:

    Okay BabyFaceWeb, I activated my child theme. But I can really only leave it that way for a day because people are using this website and I don’t want to leave it messed up for too long :/ … Let me know what you think!

    stephencottontail, I posted on the theme developers direct forum and they said they could not help me because I made some minor edits to a .php file. :/

    Hope someone can help! 🙂

    K, so I think I am seeing what happened some how! In Appearance>Widgets, all my content got bumped forward one widget. So my Home1 content is now in Home2, Home2 is Home3, Home3 is in Sidebar, and Top is in Footer. Weird. Any ideas what would cause all my widgets to move like that between the parent and child? My .php customizations are not affected.

    Okay, soooo, I just manually moved all my widget content back to their correct widget locations using the WP dashboard Appearance>Widgets drag and drop. That has solved the issue at least for now. I am hoping that updates don’t mess up my widgets in Child Theme again tho! We’ll see. My content seems to be okay though, which is what I was more worried about. I don’t know what would have caused the widget content to be automatically moved like that just by using a Child Theme. I don’t understand it, but was able to at least temporarily fix it. Would still love to hear any thoughts on what is going on and how to more properly fix this issue 🙂 Thnx all.

    Hi Calleb,
    when you switch themes (parent or child), any widgets that are in containers that are no longer applicable to the new (active) theme will be put into the “Unused” container at the bottom so you can still find them. It sounds like your custom tweaks may have interfered with the standard naming convention of the parent theme’s widget containers?

    If you want a little more info, I’m happy to have a peek…but obviously hard to do if the site is offline. Keep me posted, happy to lend some assistance.


    Hi there babyfaceweb 🙂

    So, my site is online! Could you not see it?? it is

    I am pretty confident that the widget issue was not related to my minor edits because my edits were present in the parent theme and it did not affect the widgets there. It was only when I activated the child theme using the same exact edited files from the parent theme that I had issues. My edits were purely minor cosmetic adjustments to remove the default text and images from cyberchimps on the front page.

    Anyway, I figured out that it just bumped my widget content one widget down on the list, so I was able to fix it easily, thankfully.

    However, I just realized today that my child theme is not appearing correctly when I open the site on my phone! I just updated the parent theme, so I thought maybe it was a problem with the update. But it wasn’t, because I re-activated the updated parent responsive theme and it displayed correctly on my phone. So now I am stumped again :/ Any ideas?? I am not sure which codes make the widgets adjust to the phone to appear vertically, but I know I did not touch them in my child theme! Let me know if you can help! 🙂 I will probably just post this as a new topic on Monday. Thanks for your effort to assist me, much appreciated!

    Yes, it’s a bit of a mess. The code you are embedding in the text widgets as well as the size of the call to action verbage are all breaking out of the responsive containers. These can be easily fixed, but require a bit of hands-on work. Start by removing that you installed and there are several browser tools you can use to simulate smaller screen sizes to ensure that your site is functioning properly. Given your being a computer lab with an .edu I’m guessing this is going to be a nice learning experience for you… so have fun with it 😉

    I just realized today that my child theme is not appearing correctly when I open the site on my phone!

    I had the same issue, but come to figure out latter that the problem is what you have mentioned in your first post

    I tried adding the @import url(..’responsive/core/css/style.css’); line as suggested in another thread and it didn’t make a difference

    So try removing that as it is not required anymore.

    See this.

    And let us know what happens.

    Yayyyyy! I removed the @import core/css from my child-theme style.css and it worked. That easy. The ‘call to action’ button is still breaking out of the responsive container, but that doesn’t bother me so much! If you know of an easy fix to that, Im all ears. Most importantly all the widgets are now view-able vertically so all the content is easy to see on the phone! Thank you James Mfanyakitu 🙂

    Yes babyfaceweb, this is definitely a learning experience for me! And it is going very well so far. Thankfully I grew up with a computer programmer dad and web designer brother, so I am familiar and comfortable enough with things to get by. Just reading and problem solving as I go 🙂

    Thanks for the help guys

    Hi Callab,
    glad you’ve made some progress 😉

    The Responsive theme is one of our favorites. Although they are looking to get folks over the new version 2 soon, the original version (written by Emil) is really nice and has everything you need. Sometimes though, one has to check to see if they’ve “broken on purpose” any of the previous code as it pertains to child theming.

    Good luck and let us know if you need anything further.


    Great, thanks all 🙂

    My issues are currently resolved!

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