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  • Hi, I want to add a gallery slider plugin to the side of my pages but I can’t get it to go to the side, just under the text. (I want the slider beside the text) for all my pages. Do I insert a widget for this? and if so how do I insert the slider into the widget?
    And I want three widgets at the bottom of EACH page, not just home page.
    Is there a way to do all this without getting into coding??

    Thanks SOOOOO much!!!

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  • Without knowing what kind of widget areas are available on the site, it sounds like you just want to put a slider widget in a sort of primary sidebar area.

    Can you please provide more information about what you would like to achieve and also what’s the slider’s name?


    The plugin is called “slideshow gallery”
    I would like to put it beside the text (on the right side); of various pages, not just main home page. For example:
    I can only get it below the text.

    I also want three widgets at the bottom of all pages, like on the main page. These will be clickable images with links to other pages.

    Does his need code, or are their an easier way?
    Thanks Emil!


    Technically the plugin should work, but I haven’t tested it. The main concern is if the plugin in question is responsive or not. Just go to Appearance > Widgets locate the slideshow and drag where you need this to display.

    All available sidebars are noted on my forum, please see:

    Now as far as the three widgets that’s possible, however there will be some codings required, if you’re not confortable doing this by yourself please come on down to and we’ll have somebody for you.


    Emil wrote, “Just go to Appearance > Widgets locate the slideshow and drag where you need this to display.”

    Hi Emil, that sounds easy, however, there is no widget called Slideshow there for me to drag (Responsive CT).

    I know the slider works below the text cuz I see it there.
    thanxs again.

    Can I put the gallery slideshow plugin, into a sidebar?
    thanxs so much.

    Hi, I was hoping to make the featured-image area into a very simple slider, does the coder need to be responsive seperatly or will any slider become responsive while under ur CSS??

    Thanks for this brilliant framework

    sorry, lame I see answer already… ignore previous post! 🙂

    If you don’t see a widget that can mean only one thing, the plugin does not have a widget feature.


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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