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  • Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    Yep, definitely doing this for next release. No exact date on that yet sorry (working on a few of my other plugins at the moment) but will get to it as soon as I can.

    Hi Maeve! Wondering if you have any info about this.

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    Sorry no concrete release date at present. In the meantime you could do it by finding any fixed px widths in the plugin css and switching for %. Bit crude, but actually I think this would do the job in 90% of cases.

    Yes, that is exactly what I did. I have changed the CSS at the bottom of logo-slider.php in three rows – replace ‘width:<?php echo $wp_logo_slider_settings[‘slider_width’]; ?>px;’ with ‘width:100%;’

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    @gdolenc – did those updates make it fully responsive for you?


    I was wondering if there is any possiblity to make my slider not-responsive. That means so it keeps it’s proportions no matter the screensize. I would however prefer if it “jumps” down the site, like every other thing, when scaling the screen.

    My issue is simply, that my site get too long, when viewing it on e.g. a phone, because the slider frames take up so much space.

    Thanks 🙂




    I’ve been able to make this responsive by overriding the CSS styles.

    When you do have the time to make it responsive it would be great if at the phone sizes it would automatically show one logo at a time. Currently if you set a number of images per slide it will continue to do that at the smaller screen sizes, which leads to several logos being hidden.



    I just added this to my style.css for my theme and it made the slider responsive:

    #logo-slider {
    max-width: 100%;

    I haven’t checked it extensively, but it appears to be working, so far.

    If you’re still having issues, put your slider inside a div and style that to be responsive, as shown above.

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    Hi All, please update to the newest version of the plugin version 1.4 released today. It is fully responsive. 🙂 Any issues, let me know.

    Just updated and it’s not responsive for me. I want it to have a 100% width but it’s not working! What should I insert into the width input field?

    When I look in the source code, the width is hardcoded in the ul > li

    position: absolute; top: 0px; left: -450px; display: none; z-index: 3; opacity: 1; width: 450px; height: 219px;

    Yes, the recent update, for me is not fully responsive. The slider display differently if we use different browser, and different device such as in mobile. It doesn’t disply properly in right position.
    See my site as example.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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