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    The petition works great, except the response on the website. When I click the button “Sign” – nothing happens. While I was working with xampp, this response function like “This petition has already been signed using your email address.” or “Thanks /Name/ ….” worked great, but after I have uploaded it nothing happen. The confirmation e-mail works and I can confirm it and it is showing on the list.

    How can I fix that, where is the problem.

    (the class tag is called: dk-speakup-response )

    while on:

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  • EDIT:
    I would also mention that the Next Button (dk-speakup-signaturelist-next) doesn’t work.

    And I don’t know why it changed to German, while I was using it in English.

    Thanks for help.

    Plugin Author Kreg Wallace


    Your page shows a 404 Not Found error for your custom petition CSS file: ( That may be the problem with the response and button not working.

    If you placed your custom styles within your theme’s styles.css file, it’s possible that you didn’t include all the necessary style definitions from the default theme that handle things like hiding and showing responses. Best practice is to start a custom theme by copying the contents of the default theme (css/theme-default.css) into your petition.css file and then start altering those copied styles.

    For the German thing, have you checked to see if you have your WordPress language set to German in your sites wp-cong.php file?

    Thanks for your reply,

    I didn’t get all. First, there was never a petition.css neither in my theme folder nor in the SpeakUp plugin folder. Do I have to create a petition.css file in the theme folder? (and this will overwrite the css of petition plugin?)

    German issue fixed. it changed automaticly to “.._DE”

    Plugin Author Kreg Wallace


    The idea of petition.css is to provide a way to use a custom CSS theme for your petitions that will remain in place after updating the plugin to a newer version.

    When you want to use a custom theme, the procedure is to go to the plugin’s Settings page and select “None (use petition.css)” for the Petition Theme option. You can then copy the CSS theme from the plugin’s CSS folder (using either theme-default.css or theme-basic.css as your starting point). Copy the file to your theme folder and rename it petition.css. Now you can edit the styles in this file as you wish.

    It appears that what you did is select “None (use petition.css)” and then placed your CSS style for the petition in your theme’s styles.css file. This is fine, but you need to be sure to copy all of the styles from the source theme CSS as some of these control the fuctionality of the petition.

    For instance, styles like .dk-speakup-focus and .dk-speakup-blur are used to hide and show different parts of the theme form based on user interaction.




Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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