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  • I’m good with it so far, it’s a free bravenet template. I want to use the same one on my new site but I can’t figure out how to FIND it. I used author, tag, and term, none work.

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  • Have you tried google? o.o

    Well, yes. i found two sites that said they had wordpress themes but they didn’t have this particular one. I know wordpress has it, I just don’t know how to find it. And I thought this forum would be a quick way to find it! Does anyone have insight into how to dig a specific theme outta the pile? I do not know the author, since it’s a css freebie, does it have one?

    Can you please post the URL of these two sites?

    OK, I googled it. and found it here:

    I downloaded it to my harddrive. Now what? I normally “grab” the template through my dashboard on the wordpress “add themes” section. I have no idea where to upload this thing.

    PS: THANKS SOOOO MUCH to the person who helps me out!

    Unpack the archive and upload the complete theme folder using FTP (or whatever file management application your host provides) to your wp-content/themes folder.

    esmi, I manasged all that and the theme shows up… sort of. I don’t think the whole thing is uploading. Could be my server’s ftp applet though. I really need to think about finding another way to upload files. Something that works well.

    Here’s the site that is linked on the bravenet template: that’s the landing page that’s the link they provide to find the actual template for wordpress.

    I’m not sure if the one I googled is complete. Is that a “safe” website?

    I’m getting some of the template, but not the pictures.

    Thank you esmi and Vodna very much! I really do appreciate your help. pacos, I know you tried!

    I guess you might need this:
    the site I’m trying to upload to:

    is resplendissant a good template? or is it full of issues? maybe that’s why I’m having trouble? should I look for another template?

    Either there’s something wrong with the download archive or your host is restricting the uploading of certain file via FTP. You could ask them to confirm if this is the case. As for the theme, I’ve never heard of it. Sorry.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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