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    I am on a host with generous resource allowances for shared hosting and normally my resource useage stays rather low but each day at the exact same time while the a cron is running my resources peak out. This began on or around February 13, 2020. I have narrowed the cause to these two cron jobs: wordfence_ls_ntp_cron and wordfence_hourly_cron

    I have tried various scenarios disabling each at different times but both ultimately cause a problem. What do these two crons do and would there be a risk in disabling them all together?

    Thank you!

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    Hey @seshelby,

    Are you able to share PHP error logs with relevant errors when this happens? The cron jobs running shouldn’t cause a resource spike that would cause this. Seeing any relevant errors might give us a clue as to what’s happening.

    Please let me know.



    I was able to resolve the issue it was not related to Wordfence cron jobs.

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