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  • I came across a new WordPress theme — WP Knowledge Base theme and I have a question in regards to this type of theme… I have a site that is set up as a resource site with MANY topics and subtopics and on down the line. It is intended to be able to expand over time with more info becoming available and loaded onto the site. I am VERY new to and my web design skillset is basic, and don’t want to spend a lot of time coding, etc anyway because I just dont have the time and the writing and the info is the focus here, not so much design!

    I am currently using WordPress PODIUUM theme, and it is workable, but I really would like to have something a bit more “exciting” without being too flashy and still focusing on the CONTENT! The problem is that I am already finding that the navigation could very well present some issues, if not now, then down the road…I want the ability to cross reference topics (pages) in a very simple, straight forward manner — and a major problem I am having is returning to either the main index or place viewer started from if they navigate to a page “off site”!

    Maybe someone could take a look for me and give me some suggestions..?? The url is:

    And one other thing — As I said, I am new to wordpress (other than limited experience on .com with blogs) so I am not familiar yet with most of the plug-ins, etc… When I set this up originally, I was able to set a featured image for each page without any problems, but somewhere down the line, by adding a plug-in or maybe changing settings somewhere, I inadvertantly created a problem with that feature… It will only allow certain image sizes to load and be viewable and mostly will just show a strip of the top of the image… This is very frustrating!! I would love to have a parallex slider that would accommodate any size image at the top of each page or something similar!

    Thanks so much (in advance) for any help I can get out there! My email is:

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