• This does work well, as advertised, but it adds a considerable lag to the sites pagespeed insights, literally a 17% difference for mine and it’s only enabled on comments and new registrations.

    I tested in GPSI, gtMetrix & webpagetest.org. If you’re experiencing speed issues, I suggest toggling this particular plugin to see if it’s also the culprit on your site as well.

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  • Thank you for your valuable review.

    This plugin add google script with async defer only when a capctha is present and shown in that page. If a captcha is not present in any page, this plugin script is not loaded at all in that page. It is highly optimized.

    Google add some more links which is not possible to control from our end.

    After reading the original post I tested this on GTmetrix before install and after install. I confirmed that page speed is slowed and additional resources are consumed, ONLY on pages that run the script. I suggest enabling this only on forms and using the shortcode on additional pages that need it. After the above described settings I verified via GTmetrix that resources and page speed are as normal on pages without the script enabled.

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