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  • tolisf


    If you want to make your woocommerce store 2-5 times slower (depending on how heavy the rest of your site is) this is the perfect plugin for you. I’ve been using this for the past 5 years and this was the worst decision i made back then as i’ve been struggling since then with high resource usage.

    If you are a developer and you have a serious problem don’t even try to contact their support. You will lose weeks just to make them “replicate the issue”.

    If you have just a blog or something less resource heavy than a woocommerce store maybe it will fit your needs. But if you want a fast and not bloating site then this plugin is a no go.

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  • ofwald


    Hi @tolisf,

    I am truly sorry about that.

    We usually ask to reproduce the issues so we can isolate the root cause of the problem. But I understand that it can frustrating sometimes.

    Can you please share the tickets you’ve create or your user so we take a look and see what’s needs to be improved?


    Kind regards,


    Thread Starter tolisf


    If you are sorry about that develop a new plugin from scratch, as you can’t even debug problem with all that bloat in there. No need to share any ticket, it is opened for a whole month and your colelagues are stil asking me if i still have problem so as to replicate my site locally. When should i expect to fix my problem? In two years?
    Your plugin have already cost me a lot of money, time to delete it.

    For potential new woocommerce users that are thinking to try your plugin:
    If you think i am exaggerating, just ask your hosting provider if they have customers with wpml enabled. As the support guys from my hosting company are telling me, wpml is the #1 resource killer

    Totally support this review, my shop has 60k+ products, my pageload before activating the plugin was 2-5 seconds, and after activating the plugin pageload becomes 12-30 seconds. It is all only after activating the plugin, I didn’t even start to manage and create translations.

    And it’s all with litespeed server, opcahe and mamcache enabled – all optimization on server side was made as maximum as possible.

    Conclusion: this plugin can’t handle shop|websites with more than 5 000 products|pages.

    Moreover, WPML has a great surpice for you – if you gonna buy a license – after year of using you will not be able to register new websites to get an activation key without renewal, even with old version of WPML that you have bought.
    Looks more like a scam, because they didn’t mention this information in pricing plans. On the purchase page you can clearly see that they give you 1 year of updates & “support” and “Websites you can register” is “Unlimited” – without any restriction to time or subscription plan.

    One more thing about “support” – just go to their website and read support threads – 70% of support is stupid question on question on question on question. They didn’t resolve anything.

    Here’s free alternatives that worked for me:
    qTranslate-XT – good for 1-2 translation languages (because they store all translation data in single post|term).
    subLanguage – good for more than 2 translation languages (because they store each translation data in custom fields).

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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