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  • mbakeranalecta


    Actually, version is 3.5.2, but that is not on the dropdown.

    A few days ago I started getting 500 errors on my site. cPanel showed virtual memory and I/O pegged at Max.

    I disabled all plugins, but that did not reduce VM and I/O. I then asked my ISP to reset my account, which killed all processes and restored VM and I/O to normal levels.

    I then enabled plugins one by one, leaving time between each to see if there way any effect. When I attempted to re-enable Better WP Security, the operation did not complete. When I checked CPanel, VM, Physical memory, I/O, faults, and entry processes were all pegged. I have a screen grab of the resource monitor, but I don’t see a way to attach it.

    After disabling BWPS by renaming the plugin file, the site started working again, however, VM, Physical memory, I/O, all remain at or near max. I have a resource monitor screen grab of that too.

    I have not changed plugins or themes in months, and this problem came on very suddenly a few days ago. (I have that screen grab as well.)

    I don’t know how to find the plugin update history, so I can’t tell if this coincided with an update of BWPS or another theme or plugin.

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  • Handoko


    I never have 500 errors, but I did experience high memory and CPU load. But after I disable these feature in the plugin, things back to normal:
    File Change Detection
    Database Backup

    After disabling BWPS by renaming the plugin file, the site started working again, however, VM, Physical memory, I/O, all remain at or near max.

    Sometimes, it needs time for it to back to normal perhaps after it finish the scripts I guess.



    Thanks Handoko.

    The problem I have at the moment is that I have to activate it to configure it, and I can’t activate it because when I try it eats all the resources and never returns to the plugin screen.

    Unless there is a way to configure it without activating it, I seem to be caught in a catch-22.



    Can you login to your website? If cannot, then thing will be hard. I assume you are able to login and the Better WP Security is not activated.

    What you need to do is force removing the plugin. So you can reinstal it as a complete new user. To complete removing it, these areas need to be cleaned:
    – Some texts in .htaccess file (which added by the plugin)
    – The Better WP Security’s plugin folder
    – Some data in the database (configuration setting for the plugin)

    The steps are:
    1. Backup your database.
    2. Backup all your files, especially .htaccess and wp-config.php.
    3. Edit .htaccess file by removing things added by Better WP Security.
    4. Delete the plugin folder (public_html/wp-content/plugins/better-wp-security)
    5. Remove some data in the database (added by the plugin)
    6. Now you can reinstal the plugin (as usual).

    It seems hard, but actually it’s easy, I’ve done it several times so far never fail. You only need to be careful and have some technical knowledge. Remember backup is important.

    And now are the detail information you must read:

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