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  • Just a simple request from the volunteers, if someone offers a solution that fixes your problem, please report back which solution fixed your problem, and mark the thread resolved. We do not mark threads resolved, as sometimes a solution seems to fix the issue, only to find a few hours later it didn’t work. Therefore, only you know if it’s resolved, and only you can mark it.
    Reporting back not only is a simple acknowledgment to the volunteers that their effort was not in vain, it is helpful to future users who very well may experience the same problem and search the forum. Seeing an issue resolved will obviously be the first suggestion they try (I know I would).

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  • Miklb,
    I *did* have a thread to mark [resolved] today. I left a post indicating (actually) that I had resolved the problem myself, and what the solution was. Then I saw your post and went back looking for a way to mark the thread [resolved]. I couldn’t find any way to do that.

    petersig–up above, see the This topic is “not resolved” pulldown box. Change that to resolved and click Change button to the right.



    not to be a pain, but the “This topic is not resolved line” is not a pulldown, so you can’t click and change it… or am I such a noob that I don’t realize that the example is not what is meant in this particular thread?… if so, clarify the language to be more specific please.




    Bonafide, your second thought is correct. The only people who can change the topic status from unresolved to resolved are the person who created the thread and moderators. As mentioned, the moderators are reluctant to change the status because only the person who asked the question will know whether the solution actually works.

    Some of the posts of mine I wanted to put the [resolved] on it, don’t have a pull down menu on them. I noted in a followup to those threads they were resolved though.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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