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    Like many other WordPress users, i have had major problems getting the sidebar to stay at the top in IE 6.

    I have sorted out my problem by reducing the length of the post URL’s via the admin panel and made sure that all images used in posts were under 400px; i then reduced the .narrowcolumn width in the CSS to 440px – and hey presto the sidebar now stays at the top.

    I have tested this out using the IE 6 test and the sidebar now shows at the top, whereas previously before reducing the width of the .narrowcolumn to 440px it was not showing up on the browser test.

    I’m not sure if this will work for everyone but i thought i would help out with this problem; just follow the above guidelines by reducing the length of the URL in the post slug (short as possible) and keep those images below 400px, attempt at reducing the .narrowcolumn width and keep doing the IE 6 test in



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  • Just to add my 2cents. I had the same problem on my blog and it turned out to be an AdSense ad that was too wide in my footer. The sidebars went back to normal after adjusting the width to 468 pixels.


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