Resolved missing sidebar / footer with Ambrosite Next/Previous Post Link Plus (2 posts)

  1. louiserouse
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Just lost an hour trying to figure out why my sidebar and footer disappeared from single posts.

    This time my particular culprit was the Ambrosite Next/Previous Post Link Plus.
    I hard coded

    <?php previous_post_link_plus('post_name', 'no loop', 'thumb'); ?>
    <?php next_post_link_plus('post_name', 'no loop', 'thumb'); ?>

    in the single.php and then a few days later disabled the plugin... the left over code made my blog go funky.

    Just thought I'd share in case others also forgot about the code they put in their single.php and now have a broken page~~

  2. TotallyLost
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I know Im 6 months late. But I am developing a blog myself and wated to add Ambrosite Next/Previous Post Link Plus to override the wp-pagenavi for my own simgle.php.

    I can tell you already that your code is wrong... if you downloaded the plugin then you you should have read the readme.txt.

    its suppossed to look like this:
    <?php next_post_link_plus('order_by=post_date&meta_key=&loop=0&thumb=0&max_length=0&in_same_cat=1&excats=&num_results=1&echo=1'); ?>

    but even there is something wrong with that code.. instead of using 0 use false and instead of using 1 use true.

    and these are the arrays to use btw:
    ` 'order_by' => '',
    'order_2nd' => '',
    'meta_key' => '',
    'loop' => ,
    'thumb' => ,
    'max_length' => ,
    'format' => '',
    'link' => '',
    'before' => '',
    'after' => '',
    'in_same_cat' => false,
    'ex_cats' => '',
    'num_results' => ,
    'echo' =>

    Hope you got this!

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