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    If you’re using the plugin “Page in Widget” and even if the page you’re using with that plugin has WP Customer Reviews disabled in it, it will still show the form and the reviews of WP Customer Reviews.

    I modified the plugin so that it only shows no more than one time only. Here’s what you need to add in the wp-customer-reviews.php file:


    function WPCustomerReviews() {
    global $show_only_one_time;


    function is_active_page() {
    global $show_only_one_time;
    if ( $show_only_one_time == 1 ) return false;


    if ( $has_shortcode !== false ) {


    if ( $wpcr_enabled_post ) {

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  • Zurd





    Hey a Zurd, you seem to be quite effecient at php. Nice!
    I was wondering if you might help me a bit.. I’m more of CSS guy, somewhat new to php.
    Anyway, I used your code above to remove some duplicate content but I still have issues. I am using a multisite install & I had to use the shortcodes to get this to work in both my “customer-review” page & a “footer widget”. You can see my temporary page here at: My issue may have something to do with my theme, another plugin, or something.. but every time I post a new review I get redirected to a blog post right after submitting the form. It appears to be the “first post listed”..? The review gets sent of to be approved alright, but I get this redirect that I just don’t know how to fix. Who knows, my hacking around is probably not setup correctly but I just want this to work righty.
    I’d be happy to show you the code or do whatever I can for your help. I’m trying to setup a site for a friend and I believe reviews are vital to small local businesses. So I really think that this plugin is awesome!
    Also I see where you had modified code for random reviews that I need to use also. I’ll look at some of your other stuff too. Did you write this plugin or what?
    Thanks, appreciate your time.
    Brent in Oregon



    I went on your website and did some testing, for the first post redirect which only happens if your on the homepage, delete that post and see what happens after you submit a review.

    If you’re on the reviews page or gallery page and you add a review, then it works just fine.

    What you can also try, in your shortcode, change the variable of HIDERESPONSE, I see that on my website when I submit a review, there’s no redirect, the form goes away and a message saying that the form was submitted is shown. I think it’s much better like that because you have information on what’s happening after submitting, whereas in your case there’s nothing. And the redirect is kind of a waste of time. Actually I’m not even using any variables in my shortcode, it’s just like that : [WPCR_INSERT] try this also.



    And no I didn’t wrote this fantastic plugin, I wish tho! Would prolly take me 100 hours to do it!



    Hi again Zurd.
    Thanks for your help the other day. Another quick question if you wouldn’t mind..
    When an email is sent out to the admin after a review has been submitted, the email shows as being sent from “WordPress”. Where would I go to change that to something else? Preferably the “site name” or possibly the “network name of the multisite”. I looked in the php file but didn’t have much success.
    Thanks, Brent
    P.S. I tried to use your random code also but no success there either. Not sure what I messed up but everything else is working so I’m not going to push it. 🙂

    About your outgoing mails:
    At first I could have sworn that is an option in Admin > Network > Sites > “Site XY” but I use a mail plugin to send mail via smtp.
    I think you need a plugin to define the From: and other fields of the outgoing mail

    I’m pretty much sure there is an option in the dashboard for it in the plugins option page, I did changed it somewhere easily, it shouldn’t be far.



    Thanks for the reply guys but I don’t see any options in the WP Customer Reviews.
    Maybe there is a plugin for this, I don’t know.
    Does anyone support their plugins anymore?

    I just checked my website, it’s true, no option to set the From field, but you know, you don’t really need it, this email is being sent to you and not a client and it makes sense that it is sent from WordPress, it’s this software who is sending you an alert after all.

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