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  • Hi All,

    I tried using the Resize at Upload Plugin (regular and plus) and it works great for images under 1MB. When I try to upload 2MB images taken w/ my SLR, a fatal error occurs during the resizing phase.

    The error seems to be the memory_limit set in the PHP.ini, but mine is already at 32MB and I think making it any higher is just absurd. Has anyone come across a solution to resize larger images?

    My struggle here is I have a user who is not to computer savvy. They take images w/ their Digital Camera at full resolution upload the image and just use the thumbnails. Telling them to resize every image before upload may not necessarily work as a long term solution.

    Any help advice would be appreciated.


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  • I too am looking for a plugin or other method that will permanently resize image uploads to a max size. This way even the original is no larger than, say, 600 pixels in either height or width.

    The reason why I want this for my friend is two fold: 1) She’s not savvy enough (and shouldn’t have to be) to resize images before she uploads. 2) It saves server space and bandwidth.

    I know that WordPress automatically creates 3 sizes of images upon upload. This is great but it still keeps the original image at whatever size it was uploaded at.

    Unfortunately, the original is the default file referenced used when uploading images through WordPress. I’ve installed SlimBox for modal windows of larger images and, therefore, the original becomes the preview’s link image. But, the original is usually way too big for the screen!

    If the author wants to link to the WordPress created Large image (which can be set to the desired 600 pixel size), she has to manually discover and type in the “…[width]x[height].jpg” numeric suffix that WordPress adds to the resized Large image filename.

    It’s too complicated and would be solved by restricting the original image upload to the max size.

    I found an older plugin called “iMax-Width v1” but it didn’t seem to work. I’m using the latest 2.7.1 and PHP 5.

    Any ideas on how to get permanent resizing on image uploads? Thanks!

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