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  • I want to resize my images in the media library so I have a large and small image but only have the option to scale and crop them.

    Where do I find the advanced settings to edit the image and change the alignment?

    Tried to take a screenshot but can’t add it here.

    This is what is in the media library.

    Scale Image
    Image Crop (help)

    Aspect ratio: :

    Selection: :
    Thumbnail Settings (help)

    Current thumbnail

    Apply changes to:
    All image sizes Thumbnail All sizes except thumbnail


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  • There are some plug-ins that will create thumbnails. The best method is to create 2 versions of your picture on your desktop and load both of them up at the same time.

    WordPress will scale pictures, but as you know, you’re still dealing with the original file size when loading pages etc.

    I found out how to do it!

    Click on the image inserted into the page and two buttons appear on the top left. The one on the right will delet the image and the one on the left re-opens the properties screen so you can edit the image properties.

    When you click the button on the left the properties re-open. On the left is a size feature which allows you to drag the box (curently 100%) up or down to resize the image.

    Saves a lot of time eh! 😉

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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