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  • Hi- Thank you for the plugin. I use it for this site:

    Is the plugin suppose to make ImageMagick generate and store resized images in the WordPress uploads folder?

    I ask because before using the plugin, GD was generating the following sizes and storing them in the upload folder:

    After installing/activating the plugin and uploading an image, the upload folder will only have that one uploaded image (no resized images).

    Is this how it is suppose to work?

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  • I check with my host (Westhost) and I am on a shared severer with ImageMagick enabled. However, Westhost does not use iMagick (third party extension). Instead they use ImageMagick’s MagickWand for the Extension. Maybe your plugin requires iMagick for the extension?

    I deactivated Force ImageMagick Plugin and installed ImageMagick Engine plugin. ImageMagick Engine plugin is old and not maintained.

    It gets around needing Imagick PHP Module by using ImageMagick command-line for the Image engine.

    As the developer of Force ImageMagick knows, “all of the regular sizes are correctly generated using ImageMagick via the “ImageMagick Engine” plugin. But the new responsive image size medium_large (not available to edit in wp-admin; added in WP 4.4) isn’t included.”

    Will “Force ImageMagick” plugin progress to include resizing by command-line?

    Anyway, I wish I knew what i was talking about. Maybe I have it all wrong. I wish this plugin worked for me.

    Plugin Author Mark Howells-Mead


    This plugin instructs WordPress to use ImageMagick instead of (e.g.) the GD Graphics Library. That’s all. It does not provide any functionality for resizing images and it does not change how WordPress handles image generation.

    If you encounter any problems when using ImageMagick with WordPress, then you will need to discuss this with your web hosting company.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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