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  • I am using WordPress 3.4.2 and the Admired theme.

    I have amended the style.css to allow an image 1000px by 150px (standard is 105px) however although I can upload my image, it is clipped due to the rest of the page not automatically moving to accomodate the additional height.

    What would I need amend to get this to work? I have looked in style.css and tried a couple of things with no result. I don’t imagine it is too big a job to fix but I’m over looking something somwhere.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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  • Impossible to say without seeing your site…

    The site is currently on an offline server. I will add an image:


    Effectively, I want to shuffle everything below the header down 45 pixels.

    Still can’t really say specifically without seeing the site, but I’d suggest that you try using Firebug to look at the CSS. It also lets you test various changes so you can try things easily and quickly.

    When you say ‘see the site’ what exactly do you want? I can cut and paste the source code for the front page if it would help?

    The image I attempted to link to above is a screen print of the site.

    With CSS you really have to see the site live to be able to use firebug to see what CSS code is affecting elements on the page. There’s no way to get the same info from just code or an image.

    I saw the image — did you change the height for the logo? If that did not work, using firebug look at the element below the header section — the nav bar. You may need to move that down.

    OK- I think I may just use a cropped header image, put the site online and then look for answers then.

    I did take your advice and download Firebug but I’m not really too sure what I’m looking at to be honest.

    Firebug’s site has a lot of good information as to how to use it. Learning some basic CSS will also likely help you — this is a good site:

    And if you get the site up someplace, post back and someone can likely help you.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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