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  • The topic has all the explanations you need. There are ways around it, such as:

    – Using only full size images (ignoring downsized versions in your theme or even disabling their generation with custom code).
    – Installing an image opitimization plugin. WP Smush is a number one choice for many WP users.

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    Came across the following two references:

    Searched the theme source and found override settings.

    My theme sets a compression quality of 100%, which resuls in similar sized images to be 2.5x larger.

    Changing the setting to 90%, which creates similar sized images around the same disk size.

    Changing the setting to 80%, creates 0.7x disk size.

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    Before noticing the theme override I installed WP Smush, but it could only reduce the size by about 7% from the larger size, so they were larger than the original.
    The biggest gain you get is by setting the compression quality.

    Does your site (theme) even use all these images? If the disk space is your primary concern, you may try Image Sizes plugin to disable creation of extra unnecessary sizes.

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    Disk space is not an issue, we have very few images.
    More a (small) concern for the shop overview page loading times. We have about 20 (grouped) products which we like to display all at once. 95% of our users are mobile users (they like to scroll) and having a paged view (also on desktop) is something i dislike.

    The issue got my attention as I had to copy images to a second website. The original images were already reduced in Photoshop and noticed the bigger size for the created images. Just was in the need for an explanation.

    If the issue is critical, you can redesign your theme to use only manually uploaded images, or manually download –> compress -> upload the thumbnails, or use a CDN service like Cloudflare which will be doing image compression for your visitors.

    Any kind of image compression that can be done by PHP is inferior to anything provided by a dedicated software, since web servers are not meant for running image compression, so by using it you either sacrifice quality or live with larger file sizes.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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