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    Thanks for the great plugin.

    This is a feature request rather than a bug report, but is there any way that we could pick the size (pixels) and compression level before importing files?

    Full-size images from Unsplash amogst others are huge files (3+MB), which I’d prefer not to keep in my media library if possible!

    If you had a Pro version, this would be a great addition for a small fee!

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    Hi @primitivenet, this is something we have on our roadmap. However please note that the plugin hooks into the standard upload process, so if you are using a compression plugin it will work.

    Let us know if you have any other questions.

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    @primitivenet I have looked around, and if you search Resize Image After Upload you will find a plugin that helps with this exact problem, only that is after download.
    While compression and resize are on our roadmap, this adds time to the download process, so in the meantime, you can use the above.

    Since our plugin currently only handles images that you get from third-party providers, it’s probably better if you use a separate plugin for resizing and compression as that will apply to all images.

    I am closing this for now. Feel free to open another request or reopen this one if you feel the problem hasn’t been addressed.



    Thanks for the thorough response – I’ll check out those plugins 🙂

    I’m happy to see this is on the roadmap, ionut.calara. We use an after-dowload image compression plugin, but with the files coming out of Adobe Stock, which sometimes exceed 15mb, the plugin fails (WPEngine/ImageMagick limits). It would be tremendously helpful to be able to get a less than maximum size image from Adobe in the first place. Thanks for the super-helpful plugin.

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    Hi @natejacobson we are definitely looking for solutions, however, this complicates the process, and differs from vendor to vendor so we’re not sure what we would do. We are looking now at adding a premium feature that would allow users to choose a different size for licensing. However in some cases, providers charge a download per size, not per asset, so if the user decides to use a smaller image, they would not also get the rights for the larger image.

    We haven’t received a lot of requests for this feature, so we’re working on other priorities at the moment, but we’d like to see this feature available in the next couple of months.

    Thank you,

    This is the key thing I’m looking for as I look at photo plugins. Consider this an additional request for resizeability. A 3rd party plugin is a good option, except for when the full-size image that has to be downloaded is too large for the other plugin to process. As far as the concern of licensing different sizes of photos, that’s how they’re being done already. For instance, if I need a 1280×768 photo, I’m going to download a 1920×960 photo (or whatever size is at least the size I need) and resize it to the size I need, likely with a reduced quality for smaller file size. It would be great to be able to do this in one step. Thank you!

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    Hi @dovidev thank you for adding your message here, I would say I definitely saw some demand for this. The main issue is that in some cases you pay separately for every size. So since using the biggest image gives you access to others easily, it makes sense to use that by default to avoid issues.
    The downside is sometimes users have upload limitations and need to use a smaller image, but also since it’s smaller it takes less to download. Also, it takes less space on hosting.
    However looking up the sizes and selecting the size you would want to download takes some time, so there are some caveats.

    I am hoping I will be able to add this to the plugin, but for now, I am not able to prioritize it as it’s a lot of work.

    I will post an update here once the plugin has this feature.

    YES! Please make resizing on import a priority. This a great plugin but when it imports full size images then its kinda useless.

    Please, please, please fix!

    NOTE, I did find the plugin “Imsanity” works perfectly with this. You set the size in settings so when you import using StockPack that it resizes automatically on import.


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    Hi @napleswebguy this is definitely going to be available, but I am not able to add this right away as it’s a bit more complicated and I haven’t been able to work on it yet. I will post an update when it’s ready.

    As you mentioned, all images go through the WordPress resizer, so if you are using a compression plugin and are calling for the right image sizes in the plugin, it will work.

    Also, WordPress has introduced the big image threshold, which should make sure that the full image is not used on the website, but only as a source for the resizes.

    Introducing handling of big images in WordPress 5.3

    I will post an update here when this is available.

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