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  • Great work so far! Just a couple of additional thoughts:

    I’m not seeing a resize handle on the editor window. So, when my code fills the window, there’s no way to make the window bigger. The Advanced Custom Fields textarea field has this feature.

    The Advanced Custom Fields textarea field also has a setting for the number of rows to set the textarea height. That would be helpful for your plugin, too, so that we can set the initial height of the editor window.

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  • Got the update and the plugin is now working in flexible fields. The WordPress editor window looks better, too. Still no resize, though. And when you open a collapsed field after you’ve saved the page, nothing appears in the code window. You have to click on it. And then, when you do, it’s often hard to select text, especially between <h3> tags. The text-selection bug doesn’t seem to be theme-dependent. I’ve duplicated it with Molokai and Pastel on Dark. Cutting and repasting brings everything back to normal it but that’s a workaround. Sorry to be so fussy. Just trying to help you improve the plugin. 😉

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