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  • Hi, I really love customizr theme – it’s my favorite, but I would like to change width of pages and post.
    When I edit css ( in childtheme css ofcourse 😉 ), add custom class

    .container {
     width: 98%;
    #content {
     width: 78%;

    (I have leftbar at the all pages and post)
    it look good, but footer and marketing part looks weird beacuse either has “container” class. I care for the widest possible pages and posts.

    What I must edit to get nice effect?
    I would be grateful for any help.

    On the picture you can show how it’s looks weird beacuse of .container has 98%:
    (main page with marketplace)

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  • Any ideas?

    This is ’cause container-marketing and footer are not row-fluid, so the spans in them are fixed. So what you can do is:
    1) style spans in those “containers” to be like row-fluid spans
    2) change the class of those “containers” in row-fluid. Unfortunately, atm, there aren’t filters to easily change those classes, but you can, for the container-marketing, filter ‘tc_fp_block_display’ (customizr/parts/class-content-featured_pages.php) and make a string substitution “row-fluid” for “row”. Same thing for the footer (customizr/parts/class-footer-footer_main.php) , filter “tc_widgets_footer”.
    Or (not recommended) copy those files in your child theme directory/parts , and change those class manually.

    Look that round-div(s) and thumb-wrapper(s) sizes are fixed, so then you have to tune them with css.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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